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More employees on bicycles in Northwest. Are you participating?

Brainport Bereikbaar invites you as an employer to participate in the 6-week cycling challenge. Challenge your employees to cycle to work more often this fall. No hassle with traffic jams or parking pressure. And especially in Eindhoven Northwest, where the crowds are increasing all the time. Opportunities for the bicycle! Moreover, it is also healthy, sustainable and fun. And your organization has enormous cycling potential. That's worth a challenge! Are you participating as an employer?


What does the Northwest Cycling Challenge entail?

  • A great 6-week cycling challenge.
  • Exclusively for companies in Eindhoven Northwest and completely unburdened.
  • In which you challenge your employees to cycle to work more often.
  • Every bike ride counts towards a nice reward or a good cause, which you as a company can determine yourself.
  • Brainport Bereikbaar arranges registration and monitoring with the SJEES app.
  • You choose the starting time yourself, in the period in between September 4 and October 23.
  • And as a bonus, you can combine the challenge with a free e-bike trial promotion (while supplies last).

What do you get as an organization?

  • Free use of the SJEES app and use of the cycling challenge
  • Guidance on the implementation of the SJEES app
  • A toolkit with communication tools
  • Possibility for a pit stop on location from November: a half-day in which a campaign employee draws attention to the activation in a fun way, encourages employees and offers the opportunity for minor bicycle repairs. In combination with attention to good bicycle lighting.
  • Monitoring and feedback of the results
  • Motivated employees and vital employees

What do we ask of the company?

  • A contact person for the implementation
  • Active use of channels for promotion
  • An appropriate contribution to the reward

Also try an e-bike!

As an employer, you can now request a free e-bike trial promotion and let your employees try it out for free for two weeks. You can choose from:

  • Regular e-bike
  • E-cargo bike
  • Speed pedelec

Experience the benefits and we will ensure that you are completely taken care of on location. The bicycles are available on request in combination with the bicycle challenge, while supplies last.

Yes, I am interested as an employer!

Cycling Challenge Northwest

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