Vrouw fietst op brug
BZOB, E-bike

Get to work smarter with the e-bike trial campaign

Cheaper, healthier, sustainable and surprisingly fast. Riding an e-bike to work is a perfect mobility solution. Especially in our increasingly busy Brainport region. A distance of 15-20 kilometers is easily doable with an e-bike. You can even go a lot further on a speed pedelec. Would you also like to try it for free? Which can!

Pick up at the bicycle shop

If you participate in the e-bike trial campaign, you can try out an e-bike, speed pedelec or electric cargo bike for free for a week. You can pick up at the local bicycle shop. Bicycle shops are already participating in Best, Eindhoven, Geldrop, Hapert, Helmond, Lieshout, Nuenen, Oirschot and Reusel.


The e-bike trial campaign is an initiative of Brainport Bereikbaar, in collaboration with Ons Brabant Fietst and facilitated by De Boom en het Meer.

To collaborate?
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Do you want to keep Brainport accessible? Join us. We would be happy to discuss this with you. To work on opportunities, innovations and solutions. Because we can only do that together. Contact us at

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