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Less parking nuisance, less nuisance, no more stationary trucks on the hard shoulder, no unnecessary laps through the neighborhood. Freight traffic can be organized even better and more efficiently. Brainport Bereikbaar is therefore introducing a new tool: TruckLocations. The online map that helps drivers keep our Brainport region accessible.

Truck drivers can quickly find all 376 facilities for trucks in the Brainport region via the online tool TruckLocations. No more searching for parking spaces or driving extra laps, resulting in unnecessary crowds and costs. This is not only practical for truck drivers, but also for planners, municipalities, transporters and other companies. In this way, together we make the Brainport region more accessible, more liveable and safer. TruckLocations is currently available for South Holland and Brainport, but the ambition goes further. In the future, the tool will be available throughout the Netherlands.

The challenge

Drivers almost always have to deliver their goods at a certain time. Sometimes even accurate to the quarter of an hour. Are they too early? Then they have to wait. In addition, they must also rest for at least 45 minutes after a maximum of 4.5 hours behind the wheel. And regularly spend the night in their cabin. But where do you do that? Truck parking spaces are scarce. So drivers sometimes drive extra laps. Or they park in neighborhoods or on industrial estates. This regularly leads to nuisance, traffic jams, unsafe situations and nuisance.

The solution: TruckLocations

  1. Insight and peace of mind for truck drivers. Thanks to TruckLocations, drivers no longer have to look for suitable stopping places. They can easily find facilities specifically designed for trucks. This allows them to better adhere to their driving times and deliver their goods on time.
  2. Less disruption and traffic jams. By giving transporters, companies and municipalities insight into the available facilities for trucks, we prevent unnecessary nuisance and traffic jams. Moreover, this contributes to a safer traffic situation and we save on extra truck kilometers.
  3. Improved quality of life. TruckLocations contributes to a livable environment. No more stationary trucks on the emergency lane, no more laps through the neighborhood and less parking nuisance. This ensures less nuisance, nuisance reports and accidents, and also contributes to reduced emissions.

TruckLocations can also be used on your mobile or tablet.

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"No more stationary trucks on the hard shoulder, no more laps through the neighborhood, less parking nuisance, nuisance reports, accidents and traffic jams."

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