Webinar Reporting Obligation on Work-related Personnel Mobility

How do you collect all data about commuting and business travel? Is an app enough or is a survey better? What questions do you ask? Or do you use existing systems from other companies? There are many options, but what suits your organization best?

Online webinar

During this online webinar you can ask all your questions to Maarten van Leeuwen of the RVO. In one hour, BMN and Brainport Bereikbaar will update you on the latest developments surrounding the Reporting Obligation. We also show you how you can collect the necessary data for your organization in different ways. Maarten also provides practical tips for entering data into the government system.

And finally: how do you make mobility within your organization more sustainable? After all, that is the purpose of these regulations. The online webinar is given at two different times, so you can choose which time suits you best.

  • Tuesday June 18: 12:00 - 13:00
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