Will you hitchhike with us?

'F'kes along' is a transport concept that allows you to travel through the Kempen by hitchhiking. The time when hitchhiking was only something from the 90s is gone forever. From September 2023 you can travel through the Kempen in this social and sustainable way. The F'kes ride-along lift columns make the old-fashioned 'giving a thumbs up' more accessible to everyone. There are a total of six lift columns in De Kempen. The idea is simple: at a lift column you can indicate where you want to go and then wait on a bench until someone gives you a lift. In the coming months, Brainport Bereikbaar will test whether the concept of lifts, in combination with the lift columns, is successful in the Kempen and whether a further rollout is desirable.

Where are our lift columns located?

Our lift columns are located in six centers in the Kempen: Hulsel, Hoogeloon, Knegsel, Wintelre, Luyksgestel and Weebosch. In the map below you can see the exact locations per core.

Why is F'kes fun to ride along?

Hitchhiking will be a fantastic experience with F'kes! Discover the benefits when you ride F'kes:

  • It is fast and durable.
  • No parking or petrol costs.
  • No hassle looking for a parking space.
  • You can use lifts anywhere (note: it is not always smart and the lift columns are not available at night).
  • Meet new people.


Influencer Gina July hitchhiking in the Kempen (video):

How can you hitchhike safely and smartly?

F'kes ride along welcomes adventurous souls to the Kempen, where safety comes first. Both for the hitchhiker as lift giver. How?

  • The lift columns are located in a place where you can get in safely.
  • They are near you, so you may know the hitchhiker or the lift giver.
  • The elevator column is well lit.

Don't hesitate any longer and enter the surprising world of elevators!

We invite you to try our six lift columns!

Problem with the elevator column? Please contact the relevant municipality


Would you like to know more about F'kes? Please contact the project leader of F'kes, Eline Swinkels.

Riding F'kes is in addition to the normal timetables and to transport such as Casters Vervoer. 

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