BZO Buzz

BZO Buzz

What is it?
BZO-Buzz is specific group transport in the morning and evening for one or more companies at the BZOB. Interesting if you want to transport multiple employees (lower costs per employee). Shared bus transport is easier to plan and there is less margin in the pick-up and drop-off time compared to the Taxbus. It is very suitable for employees who, for example, travel together from residential concentrations or a hub within Helmond to work at the BZOB and back.

What does it cost?
Shared bus transport is tailor-made. With optimal occupancy, the price per person per month for a shared bus can even be lower
than the public transport fare. You can reserve a shared bus by making arrangements in advance. The municipality of Helmond makes the first shared bus financially and organizationally possible. For subsequent shared buses we aim for a target price of € 2.50 per trip.

Are you enthusiastic and do you want to use shared bus transport? Let us know.

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