BZOB bikes

BZOB bikes

What is it?
BZOB bikes are shared bicycles for all employees at BZOB. You pick them up and leave them at the new BZOB hub. This way you can quickly cycle between work and line 320 and over BZOB. If there is sufficient interest, we will further develop the plan with reservation options via an app and smart locks. We start with regular bicycles and can also add e-bikes later. There will be an introductory phase until March 2024, with a final implementation from April 2024 based on findings from the introductory phase.

What does it cost?
We want to offer the BZOB bikes for free to employees. The municipality of Helmond makes a number of bicycles available in consultation with employers. As an employer, you can also reserve a number of bicycles for your employees, with your logo.

Are you enthusiastic and do you want to use the BZOB bikes? Let us know.

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