From traffic jam frustration to cycling happiness

Published on July 4, 2024

Sander van den Brand (39) works at Philips Healthcare in Best. The one-way journey from his hometown of Middelrode to work is 28 kilometers. With a regular e-bike that is just a bit too far for him. An e-bike trial campaign where Sander could experience what a speed pedelec is like, came at the right time for him. "I'm so tired of the car." 

With the speed of a speed pedelec, cycling to work is now within reach, says Sander. 'Thanks to this bike and a maximum speed of 48 km per hour, it takes me about 40 minutes and I can leave the car at home. I pedal hard and immediately get a workout. Since I have enjoyed the luxurious life a little too much in recent months, I wanted to exercise more and lose some weight. That tryout came as a nice kick-start to continue. I am therefore grateful to my employer for giving us this opportunity to participate in the trial campaign. It also shows that Philips Healthcare not only develops products for the health of others, but also considers the health of its own employees. For example, through the bicycle plan and the free gym on campus. I can also be found there from time to time. And after exercising or cycling, I can shower at work and start fresh.'

Result of a bicycle plan

Working on a healthy lifestyle was therefore an important motivator to start cycling, but those eternal traffic jams were also the deciding factor. 'I was so tired of that car. It often takes me more than an hour by car because there are often traffic jams. You then experience frustration and come home less relaxed. Thanks to the bicycle plan, I was able to purchase the speed pedelec and now I cycle past those traffic jams. I get home faster, get some fresh air, enjoy nature for a while. Because I have a job as an E-learning Content Developer for Philips, I spend a lot of time looking at a screen. Then cycling after a busy working day is really nice and also a good opportunity to clear my head.'

The latter is a well-known phenomenon. Every bicycle commuter mentions “getting away from work” as a major benefit. How does Sander experience that? 'Maybe it can be compared to one runner's high. You exercise, produce hormones that make you happy and you still have to pay attention, so you can't wander off to work. In a traffic jam you have more time to think and you can stay on task faster.

"I'm so tired of the car." 

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