This is C-ITS!

Experience C-ITS applications in practice

No more unconsciously driving too fast. Priority for ambulances and cyclists at traffic lights. Just examples of what we can do with C-ITS. In other words: communication between the roadside and road users. During the meeting you will experience 'live' how these C-ITS applications work. And you will discover what we as municipalities need to arrange to make C-ITS a success. For example, by getting data in order. Or deploy applications. If we all do that, a comprehensive network will be created. During this experience afternoon you will experience three applications of C-ITS: ISA (Intelligent Speed Assistance), priority for ambulances at traffic lights and priority for cyclists at traffic lights.

Experience afternoon C-ITS

  • When: Tuesday May 30, 1:00 PM – 4:00 PM
  • Where: Automotive Campus Helmond
  • For whom: traffic engineers from the 21 regional municipalities
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  • 1:00 PM: Reception
  • 13.15 Plenary explanation about C-ITS and applications
  • 13.40 Plenary explanation about the 3 demos + division into three groups
  • 13.45 Self-experience round 1 (ISA, ambulance or bicycle priority)
  • 14.15 Self-experience round 2 (ISA, ambulance or bicycle priority)
  • 14.45 Self-experience round 3 (ISA, ambulance or bicycle priority)
  • 15.15 Plenary closing with feedback
  • 4:00 PM: End

Brainport Bereikbaar is working on C-ITS together with Municipality of Helmond, Municipality of Eindhoven, SmartwayZ.NL, GGD Brabant Zuid-Oost and V-Tron

During the self-experience rounds you will discover:

You drive around the campus under supervision in a car with the ISA (Intelligent Speed Assistance) system. Experience how good the interventions on the vehicle feel. But also how difficult this becomes if the data is incorrect.

Cycling priority
Cycle along to a so-called iVRI and discover how you as a cyclist get priority here. Provided you make it clear that you are a cyclist, of course. With an app for example or a camera.

Priority ambulances
Ambulances are given first priority in this iVRI. The location and route of the ambulance are shared with UDAP via the navigation system and forwarded to the iVRI. The iVRI intervenes and ensures that the ambulance can continue unhindered.

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