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Test shared mobility with the pop-up hub!

Does your municipality or organization want to get started with shared mobility? Then from now on you can experiment with the temporary pop-up hub of Brainport Bereikbaar. Flexible in use and with a modular structure. Including support with, for example, feasibility studies. 

Riding together, the 'last mile' on the shared bicycle, with the shared scooter to collective transport: great solutions for a more accessible and more vital region and combating mobility poverty. But how do you start with that? Is a mobility hub necessary and where do you place it? What facilities are needed? To experiment with this, there is now the Brainport Bereikbaar pop-up hub. An ideal opportunity to investigate in a very accessible way whether and how a hub is promising in your municipality.

Central point and testing platform

The pop-up hub consists of various modules that can be constructed as desired. A smaller hub can even be placed to create a mini-network. No matter how you position the pop-up hub: it is a central point and platform for experimenting with, among other things, shared mobility. For example, you can test at which location a bicycle shed is ideal. Or investigate whether there is a need for shared cars. Other solutions such as ride-along F'kes can also be added to the hub. It is also a place with a lot of attention value, which means that conversations about shared mobility can start more quickly. Finally, it gives you the opportunity to connect with other municipalities that already have a permanent hub.

Guidance with experimenting

Brainport Bereikbaar developed the pop-up hub especially for the 21 municipalities in the Brainport region. We work on results on the street. In other words: concrete mobility solutions of which municipalities can actually see and measure the effects. The pop-up hub is part of this, which is why we also provide support and guidance during the experiments. We collect data and involve travelers in the experiment. So that after the deployment of the pop-up hub, the municipality can install a facility that really meets the needs of the traveler. In this way, social money is put to good use. Furthermore, employers from your municipality can also use this pop-up hub. For example, by experimenting with stops for collective private transport and vanpooling.

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