What can you do with smart traffic management?

Ensuring that travelers can travel more smoothly to, from and in the region. By informing, prioritizing, guiding and directing them. In regular situations and during road works, events and incidents. Smart Traffic Management makes it possible to create space for pedestrians, cyclists, buses, shared transport and cars in places where we want to encourage the use of certain modes of transport.

Concept: Smart traffic management/C-ITS

Do you want less unwanted car traffic in a village center during incidents? Want to promote traffic flow on high-quality cycle routes? Priority for certain road users at traffic lights? Brainport Bereikbaar is working on Smart traffic management and the use of C-ITS.

How does Brainport Bereikbaar help?

The more parties participate, the better smart traffic management works in practice. Does your organization want to join? Brainport Bereikbaar facilitates the most desired modality at the right time and place. And helps you reach road users directly.

What else is Brainport Bereikbaar working on in 2024 (together with other parties)?

  • Regional traffic management – What requirements must our traffic light network meet? This should become clear thanks to a unique study involving more than 30 traffic lights and routes in the Brainport region. We will test how the traffic lights currently function and, where necessary, immediately make adjustments on the street. In this way we hope to give smart mobility choices a boost.
  • Connecting ambulances and fire brigades – Fire vehicles and ambulances can be given priority at more and more traffic lights in the region. Surrounding vehicles can also receive a warning.
  • Priority for cyclists at traffic lights via apps – We inventory how accurate the positioning of cycling apps is and implement improvements in all systems where possible. This helps to shorten the waiting times for cyclists.
  • Research into the possibilities of using bus lanes by PSV Direct.
  • Targeted accessibility communication – By deploying Verkeerscentrale Zuid-Nederland (Rijkswaterstaat), social media and service providers during regular situations, road and construction work (pre-announcements via Flitsmeister, Facebook and Instagram) and events (such as the ASML Marathon).
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