Cycling keeps you mentally healthy.

Cycle fresh

Cycling is good for your body and your brain!

More and more people in the Brainport region are considering getting out of the car and onto their bicycle. That makes sense, because cycling is very good for you. Not only for your body, but also for your brain. Cycling reduces stress and gives you energy. It is not without reason that cyclists are the happiest travelers.

Cycling reduces stress and promotes a wonderfully fresh feeling. Yet many people need a push to leave the car at home and enjoy cycling. Change can be difficult. That is why Brainport Bereikbaar helps with that transition. We wish all residents of Brainport that fresh feeling in their heads!

Cycling facts

✅ In the Netherlands it is average Ideal cycling weather 338 days a year. It only rains 7% of the time. The chance that you will get wet along the way is therefore minimal!

✅ Cycling provides different benefits positive changes in your body. While you pedal, you stimulate blood circulation in your body and your brain gets a boost of oxygen. This improves your concentration and memory.

✅ Cycling helps to disconnect from work or other daily activities. It is a moment for yourself in nature and fresh air. That gives you energy for your work and the space to give full attention to your private life.

Our cycling campaigns

We encourage cycling in the Brainport region in various ways. For example, with the use of targeted campaigns. As 'The Metal Coach' and 'Fresh in your mind'. Both campaigns call for action for and by all residents. So that together we embrace the bicycle as a daily transport option.

Campaign: The Metal Coach

Need a mental coach? Not at all! Grab the Metal Coach! With the Metal Coach campaign we use the bicycle as a Dutch icon to combat mental pressure. We create awareness about the positive effects of cycling and the refreshing effects of the outdoors. The message? The only thing you need is in your shed: your trusted steel horse. “Let's work out the burnout.”

(Behavioral) intervention: Fresh in your mind

In Asten, Deurne, Gemert-Bakel, Laarbeek and Someren we pay extra attention to switching to the bicycle. We invite people to join Team Fris and switch from car to bicycle.

Curious about how we also encourage cycling in other ways? Or are you looking for actions to get your colleagues on their bikes? Look here.

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