Brainport Mobility Xperience

Where are those flying taxis? Will transportation still be needed in the future? Will electric shoes make you walk faster? Experience and experience the future of mobility in our region on September 4 on the TU/e campus. Be inspired by Marco te Brömmelstroet, Aniek Moonen and Maarten Steinbuch and experience a new view of our mobility system. Reserve your place now for an unforgettable day at the Brainport Mobility Xperience!

Experience, experience, feel it

On the Brainport Mobility Xperience it's all about experience. Game changers in the region show you in a unique way how they view the mobility system of the future. From technician to artist, from startup to multinational. Discover how companies and organizations deal with mobility, so that we can maintain growth in the region. Together we determine what becomes reality. Be inspired and travel to the future.

Marco in Brömmelstroet

Writer, future thinker and committed scientist Marco te Brömmelstroet offers a unique view on the future of mobility. As professor of Urban Mobility Futures and advisor to the Urban Cycling Institute, he researches the relationships between mobility, the city and society. For Marco, cycling is the central lens through which he looks at how underlying stories influence our thinking. A fascinating read from start to finish by this co-founder of The Lab of Thought and author for The Correspondent. Do not miss it!

Aniek Moonen

Aniek Moonen is a broad prosperity and transition expert. From 2021 to 2023, she chaired the Young Climate Movement, where she represented the voice of a million young people in the national and international climate debate. She managed to influence policymaking both in the Netherlands and at international climate conferences, for example by introducing the generation test.

Maarten Steinbuch

High-tech systems scientist, serial tech entrepreneur and keynote speaker Maarten Steinbuch is known for his progressive vision on mobility. He promotes this, among other things, as a Distinguished University Professor at the TU/e. Like no other, he combines innovative technologies such as electric and self-driving vehicles with a passion for sustainable and efficient transport solutions.

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We will keep the experiences a secret for a while. Stay tuned and you'll see more of it in the near future. Be quick, because places are limited!

TU/e MetaForum Eindhoven
Wednesday September 4
10am – 3pm
Lunch included

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