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First results of the regional behavioral campaign

Published on July 10, 2023

Do you live in the Brainport region? Then you could hardly have missed the Brainport Bereikbaar behavioral campaign, developed by Fama Volat. Under the title: “More air for yourself. More air for the region.” we encourage residents to cycle more often. We list the first results for you.


Reached 40% of people

No fewer than 40% of people in the region have seen the campaign. On social media, digital screens, in the cinema, in the newspaper or in the gym.

Brand awareness has increased considerably

Not the main goal of the campaign, but nice by-catch. The brand awareness of Brainport Bereikbaar has increased considerably. For example, spontaneous brand awareness increased from 1.5% to 3.5% and assisted brand awareness increased from 11% to 25.5%.

65% gets excited about the videos

A figure that also makes us enthusiastic. People who are enthusiastic about the campaign say that they find it short and sweet, motivating, but not pretentious or pedantic. The people who are not enthusiastic find it too childish, get a feeling of meddling and indicate that the distance to work is too far to cycle.

31% has already left the car for the bicycle

Of the people who have seen the campaign, 31% indicates that they have already left the car for the bicycle, as a result of the campaign. The campaign has therefore led to different behavior. The campaign was a nice reminder for them. A large proportion of people whose behavior has not changed give the reason that they often use their bicycle.

Three online polls

The above figures were collected with three polls. A baseline measurement prior to the campaign, a second measurement after approximately one month and a third measurement after approximately two months. These polls were conducted via social media among 200 other respondents from the region. We asked both open and closed questions to find out whether they had seen the campaign and what that had done to them. You should take the figures with a grain of salt, because people may be inclined to give desirable answers, for example. A fourth survey will follow after the summer to further improve the reliability of the figures.

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