New program manager Isabelle Prohn 'Our program is about action and results on the street'

Published on January 9, 2024

Brainport Bereikbaar has a new program manager! From January 1, 2024, Isabelle Prohn will keep us on track together with Iwan Arts. We introduce her to you in five questions.

How did you end up at Brainport Bereikbaar?

'The Brainport region has my heart. I graduated from TU Eindhoven as an architectural engineer on the functioning of this top region and the business climate that goes with it. Mobility is a very important factor in this. So I answered with a confident 'yes' when I was asked to contribute to the Smart Mobility joining forces at SmartwayZ.NL. Brainport Bereikbaar also started at that time. I thought: “That's what I'm really doing this for: results on the street”. I therefore joined as quartermaster and after a short break I am now program manager. I'm really looking forward to it: it's really cool to realize something that will literally make people travel differently. Being able to really make a difference: that makes me happy.'

How do you want to do that?

'With a great group of passionate and knowledgeable people with a lot of knowledge and experience about mobility issues and solutions. One person knows a lot about behavioral change, another about product development and another knows how to inspire employers, for example. The combination is powerful and I believe in that. Just like in the combination with Iwan Arts, the other program manager, and myself. We both look at the content and the people. Iwan has been program manager of Brainport Bereikbaar for three years and is very well connected to the network, I have yet to start. But of course Iwan has known me for some time and also gives me confidence and space in my new role 100%. That's nice and it motivates.'

Who is going to do what?

'Iwan focuses on the product development side of our program, my focus is on the market approach. In other words: how can we optimally connect with what is going on in the market and with target groups? What mobility goals do organizations have and what can we contribute? What benefit does a particular solution benefit a commuter from the countryside? What helps students travel more sustainably? The trick is to always optimally match supply and demand. That is why we collect data, experiment and see where the urgency, energy and potential lie. We help frontrunners move forward. And we work together with parties that can allow a large group of travelers to travel differently, such as site management on campuses in the region.'

Does product development always follow the market approach?

'No, smart products and solutions are constantly being added that we show and that we want to use. It's about the interaction and discovering what works and what doesn't and why. The question is always: is it a broad solution that we can scale up within the next few years? Because it's about results now and soon. So that in 4 years' time we will travel differently for 40% in the region. More with public transport, shared mobility and cycling. Yes, that is a huge goal, but it is possible. Fortunately, it is also on the agenda nationally and regionally. This is necessary because if we want people to travel differently on a structural basis, we must constantly remind them of the alternatives in all kinds of ways. With a general national campaign, by triggering via an employer, letting people participate in a campaign from educational institutions, good travel advice for public transport at the top of the contact page at theaters, you name it.'

What is the added value of Brainport Bereikbaar?

“We are an implementation program. In other words, it is up to us to actually do things and get them out on the street. That seems easier than it is. We are in a region where there is a lot of focus on thinking together, making policy and developing. That is interesting and important. But our strength lies in doing and discovering what works and what doesn't. And then to make what works bigger, to scale it up. So that the entire region can benefit from it. Sometimes we are a little more here, sometimes a little more there, but we are there for the entire region. And we are just going to do it in and with the region. For results on the street.'

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