Business bus lines
Routes, times and more...

Would you like to experience what it’s like to work or relax while you are driven quickly and easily to the campus and back home? Take your chance by participating in the business bus line test drive.

Find many questions about the bus lines in the FAQ.
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Frequently asked questions

How do I reserve my seat?

In order to guarentee a seat for everybody that wants to join the testdrive you need to reserve a seat.

Click here to reserve your seat

How do I cancel my seat?

If you are unfortunately unable to attend please give back your seat, as there are others who want to ride along. To cancel your seat send a mail to

Is there WIFI on board?

There is no WIFI on board, but you can still enter the internet. How? By using the hotspot from your phone. We have two video's (iPhone and Android) that help you set your hotspot.

Hotspot iPhone

Hotspot Android

What are the costs of the testdrive?

Joining these testdrives are free of charge. The only thing we ask of you is your feedback during the ride.

What are time benefits of commuting with the Business Line?

You probably recognise several bottlenecks during your (car)drive to the campus. Traffic jams on the highway and on the Kempenbaan, just before you reach the campus.

Time saving on the Kempenbaan
One of the benefits of the Business Line is that it has his own "buslane" on the Kempenbaan. So when the Kempenbaan is packed again, your bus drives smoothly to the bus stop from where you walk to the office.

Time saving in parking
When you commute by Business Line you have no trouble finding a parking spot. Because you don't need one anymore. You always know where you "parked" so no time loss there anymore.

Time saving by using emergency lanes
We are working with Rijkswaterstaat to see if and where the bus can use the emergency lane to drive by traffic jams. For the A50 (route from Uden) we already received some good news. From the end of 2022 the bus can use the emergency lane on several parts during the route! The other routes are under investigation als we speak.

Time saving in getting things done
Whether you like to get work done, have some personal time, or need to get personal things done... you can do that on the Business Line bus. No fines anymore for texting and driving. Or fines for speeding to get to your desk to send that important e-mail. In the Business Line you get things done.

During your drive with the Business Line bus you can use the free internet the buscompany provides you. But with more passengers working on this (not secured) line you can imagine the line being a bit overworked.

You can use the internet of you own mobile phone (called hotspot) to be sure you have a stable connection to the internet. How to use your own hotspot depends on your phone brand and type. Please check out one of these tutorials that matches your device.

Setting your hotspot (one time)
Tutorial  for iPhone users
Tutorial for Android users

Using hotspot on your laptop
Once you have set up your hotspot on your moblie device you can select the hotspot in the list of connections on your laptop. The same way as you have set the connection when first using internet on your laptop at home.

Does the Business Line stop at the carpool parking of Nederweert?

No, this testdrive in April does not. This time we depart from Weert train station and do not pass the Carpool parking of Nederweert.

The routes are a subject to change as we try out several options. So they are not set in stone. Keep track of this page to see if the next testdrive maybe will stop at the carpool parking.

When is the next test drive?

The date of the next testdrive you see in the time tables above in the pink/orange area.

After each testdrive we evaluate the answers and comments given to us testdrive. When we have decided which elements to improve and when they can be processed, we plan the new dates. You will receive an email about it from your company. And on this page you are right now you can always find up to date information about the new dates and routes.

How do you cope with covid regulations?

Of course we respect the Covid regulations in the bus. We follow the guides of public transport. So this testdrive in April mouthcaps are not mandatory.

I joined a testdrive but still have a comment/idea

We can imagine that you suddenly have an idea, remark or question. Ofcourse we are eager to find out what it is. So please send your comment to We will get back to you.