Participate in Cycling Challenge De Run and contribute to a sustainable world and the maintenance of an easily accessible Brainport!


What is Cycling Challenge De Run?

The De Run Cycling Challenge is the opportunity to participate in a competition between companies within De Run. Participate and contribute to the maintenance of an easily accessible Brainport! Did you know that De Run is one of the fastest growing work areas in the Netherlands? We want to ensure that this area remains accessible to everyone. And companies can contribute to this by participating in this cycling challenge!

How does it work?

As a company you can participate in the Cycling Challenge De Run, which takes place in May, June and September! Together with various companies, you will compete for a month to cycle as many kilometers as possible for various charities in the region. And the best part is: all cycling kilometers count! We keep track of this via an app, chosen by Brainport Bereikbaar, so that you can see exactly how many kilometers you have cycled. And to keep things fair, we divide the teams per company, so everyone has an equal chance of winning. To participate, we ask for a small contribution, which is then distributed among various charities.

What do you need?

Enthusiasm, a good cause for which you want to ride as a company and a contact person for internal communication. Afterwards we ask you to participate in a final evaluation so that we can analyze the event.

Scan the QR code and download the app!

Are you participating as a company? Employees will then have access to the challenge via an exclusive activation code.

Local goals

All bicycle kilometers count towards a local charity that you as a company can determine yourself. Together we determine the maximum donation and set a realistic cycling goal. You can also make prizes available to your employees. For example, for the most active cyclist.

Participating companies


Awards ceremony and presentation of contributions to charities

At the end of September we will announce the impact of the Cycling Challenge De Run and we will award a great trophy to the company that has achieved (relatively speaking) the best cycling performance. And we put the selected charities in the spotlight.

Interested in participating?

Would you like to participate or receive more information? Please contact Barbara van Ardenne. You can reach her via 06-10632590 or

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