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Shared cars for all residents of Gemert-Bakel

Published on October 2, 2023

In the municipality of Gemert-Bakel, electric shared cars will be available from October 2 at the town hall in Gemert. Gemert-Bakel is the first municipality in the Peel region to start with electric shared cars that are accessible to every resident. The municipality of Gemert-Bakel, Brainport Bereikbaar and OnzeAuto are working closely together on this and are investigating through an interest survey whether there is more interest in sharing electric cars with residents and organizations.

Why car sharing?

Many people have a car that sits idle most of the time. This causes many unnecessary costs and streets that are full of parked (second) cars. By sharing a car, you not only share the costs of a car, but you also provide more space in the neighborhood. Because the shared cars are electric, it is also a very sustainable option. All you need to share the electric cars is the app on your phone. This allows you to make your reservation and open and close the car. You can use the shared car for an hour to do your weekly shopping, but you can also go for a weekend away or even on holiday!

How much does car sharing cost?

With a shared car you know exactly what you pay for your car. You can already take out a trial subscription without fixed monthly costs. Those who regularly use the shared car will benefit from a paid subscription with lower hourly and kilometer rates. Does anyone in your household already have a subscription? Then you can use the same driving credit. There are driving credits from €50 per month. Most car sharers easily save €200 to €300 per month! Car sharing is also an interesting option for young people, as you do not have to deal with fixed monthly costs or a high purchase value.

Where are the shared cars?

There are currently 2 shared cars at the town hall in Gemert. Shared cars can also be placed at other locations. Approximately 10 participants are needed to install an electric shared car. If there is sufficient interest, additional cars could be added this year. By completing the interest survey, you will get a good idea of which locations are most likely to start. Complete the interest survey at, the more interest surveys are completed, the greater the chance that there will be a shared car in your area!

Festive launch on October 2 at the town hall

The shared cars will be officially put into use by Alderman Bankers on Monday, October 2. “Car sharing is an affordable and sustainable way of moving and it encourages residents to become more aware of the way they travel.” said Councilor Bankers. Anyone who is interested and wants to know more about shared cars is cordially invited to come to the town hall. An OnzeAuto team will be present between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. to answer questions. You can also experience what it is like to use shared cars.

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