How do you keep your organization accessible? The (free!) Mobility scan provides the answer

Published on April 5, 2023

You are the traffic jam yourself. A few years ago I bought a book with that apt title. Fortunately, that message is now old news for many employers I speak to. In our Brainport region there is the realization that we can only tackle our accessibility challenges together. Because those challenges are significant. Employers suffer from traffic jams, parking pressure and insufficient or inadequate mobility alternatives. That costs money, time and good workers. “Should I go there? Impossible". You can already hear an applicant say it. And if you think this only applies around Eindhoven: I know plenty of young people who don't want to work somewhere because they can't get there by public transport. This puts a brake on the economic growth of our region.

So it has to be faster, smarter, healthier. And I contribute to this as a mobility broker through the government program Brainport Bereikbaar. With four colleagues, I think along with every organization that wants to work on its own and regional mobility challenge - completely without obligation and therefore free of charge. And the great thing is: there are so many opportunities! Our mobility scan provides you with insights into this. The scan shows how employees currently travel and how they could travel. It is often an eye-opener to see on a map where your employees come from. And opportunities for improvement are often there for the taking. A good parking space for bicycles, for example. A charging point for e-bikes. A space where you can change clothes. These are the first steps that I would like to help you with as a mobility broker. But bigger issues can also emerge. For example, you discover that people do not want to cycle because they find the road unsafe. Or that they don't take the bus because there is no good connection home. You just can't solve that. But your scan gives us the insights to do something about it. The more scans we have, the better we know what is going on in an area. And the greater the chance that a joint solution will be found. For example, a better cycle path or your own BusinessLine if it turns out that there is enough potential for this.

This mobility scan works in both directions: towards your own organization and towards the region. The will to strengthen the area development of the Brainport Region together is there, we notice this every day in practice. So will you also take this step with us? It doesn't cost you much (time) and yields a lot! What exactly? You will hear it at the Mobility Congress! You write in here for my presentation.

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