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Smart mobility does not stop at the municipal border. Are you joining us?

Published on December 3, 2023

Is your municipality thinking about smarter mobility? Then you don't have to look far for leading inspiration in our region. The municipality of Helmond has won the Urban C-ITS Award. This prestigious award is European recognition for the city's active commitment to smart mobility. The entire region can benefit from the available knowledge and skills, says Luuk Misdom, senior project leader for smart mobility at the municipality of Helmond.
A fire truck or ambulance driving through Helmond is given priority at traffic lights. That almost sounds obvious, but it isn't. 'It requires a lot of smart technology that is continuously being developed,' says Luuk Misdom. 'These Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems – or C-ITS – enable communication between users (vehicles, apps) and roadside systems such as matrix signal signs, traffic lights. This can mean more and more for our safety and accessibility.

Direct and guide traffic

As examples, Luuk mentions that navigation systems receive more and more information, allowing users to make better choices. Or that maximum speeds reach the vehicle directly (ISA). 'But it also gives us the opportunity to partly direct and guide traffic. The priority for fire brigades and ambulances at almost all our traffic lights is an example of this. It takes time before you have the necessary basis for this in your infrastructure and Brainport Bereikbaar continues to help us with this. The program ensures that there is time, money and knowledge for development and for collaboration with partners such as road authorities.'

Building an ecosystem

This means that Helmond can continue to take steps. 'For example, we are now looking at how we can use the traffic light system for other road users. For example, by also giving visually impaired people or cyclists a green traffic light faster or longer at certain times. Or granting trucks faster passage on one route than on another. In this way we build an entire C-ITS ecosystem that we can always adapt to wishes and needs.

The more participants, the greater the benefits

This now makes Helmond a real leader at European level. 'Yes, of course we are proud of that. But smart mobility does not stop at our municipal border. The more municipalities participate, the greater the benefits. So please participate. You are very welcome to be inspired in Helmond!'

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