Stepping up for kick-off. PSV Direct now also operates from Bladel and Someren

Published on April 9, 2024

From April 13, 2024, the PSV Direct bus will run directly from Bladel and Someren to matches in the Philips Stadium. Due to interest, two additional boarding stops have been created to transport season ticket holders from these villages. Directly, without the hassle of parking and you will be dropped off at the door and brought back. Smart, easy and sustainable. This is a joint initiative by PSV and Brainport Bereikbaar.

Expansion of boarding stops

Bladel and Someren have been added to the existing boarding stops Asten and Eersel. The Asten and Eersel locations have been used as a pilot since August 2023, with the numbers of users and experiences monitored during at least 10 home games. “We have seen a nice increase in the number of travelers with PSV Direct in recent matches. This and due to the great interest from the surrounding villages, we have decided to expand the boarding stops. We hope that more and more fans will travel to the stadium smartly and sustainably.” – Sjors van den Boogaart, Stadium Director Philips Stadium.

PSV Direct

PSV Direct is a bus connection from the villages of Asten, Bladel, Eersel and Someren to the Philips Stadium. You travel to the Philips Stadium in one go by coach. After the match, the same bus will take you back. Season ticket holders can buy the bus ticket on the PSV website.

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