Working together towards a hospitable city center!

Published on October 5, 2023

New! From now on there is a Hospitable and Sustainable Accessible City Center Knowledge Lab. The target? Working together on one strategy and at the same time taking concrete actions. The lab is a collaboration between the Mobility Master Plan of the municipality of Eindhoven and the Brainport Bereikbaar City Center Campaign. The turnout during the first meeting was impressive. And the results and agreements too. Read more here.

Investigate whether operating a secure bicycle shed is interesting. See whether a parking garage can serve as a temporary bicycle shed at a major event. From January 1, we will run one campaign together to entice people to come to the city with sustainable mobility. These are some of the first concrete actions to emerge from the Hospitable and Sustainable Accessible City Center Knowledge Lab. And there will certainly be more to come. At the same time, the participants are working together on a long-term strategy for the city center.

Large turnout confirms necessity

The participants in the Knowledge Lab agreed on this on October 5. Among them are representatives of organizations that receive visitors in the city center. Such as PSV, the Muziekgebouw and Pathé. And people from the hotel industry, the catering industry, the events industry and retail. Of course, there were also other parties that had an interest in ensuring that the city center remained accessible. Such as the Municipality of Eindhoven and Hermes. From the Maastricht Bereikbaar program, Jelle Ummels shared knowledge and experience with those present. The large turnout confirms the need and necessity. A new meeting will follow soon to determine even more actions and implement them quickly. We will of course keep you informed about this.

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