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Five municipalities in the East Subregion are using the Brainport Bereikbaar behavioral intervention!

Published on May 7, 2024

The roads in the Brainport region are becoming busier. Also in the municipalities of Asten, Deurne, Gemert-Bakel, Laarbeek and Someren. That's why we want more people to start cycling. To this end, we deploy an intervention to change travel behavior. Rick Baggermans (project leader of structural behavioral change at Brainport Bereikbaar) tells more about it.

Behavioral intervention

'Through research, Brainport Bereikbaar has found a successful behavioral intervention that increases the number of cyclists,' says Rick. The intervention is called Team Fris. With this we promote the direct benefits of cycling, such as stress reduction and a fresh feeling in your head. Various means of communication motivate people to join Team Fris and cycle more often. The behavioral intervention was designed for distribution through employers and tested among Summa College employees. We saw that almost 7% more employees took their bicycles there. This time we will communicate directly with the residents from Brainport Bereikbaar.'

Deployment in the East Subregion

This intervention is now also being deployed in the East Subregion in the form of a pilot. Rick continues: 'Custom made, of course. An intervention for cycling that suits the residents of the municipality. The development and implementation of the pilot is provided by Brainport Bereikbaar on behalf of the municipality. The municipality contributes to the costs and provides support with permits and the distribution of the intervention. By implementing these proven methods, the East Subregion hopes to significantly increase the number of cyclists. Resulting in more relaxed travelers and fewer cars on the road.'


In line with the intervention, Brainport Bereikbaar is also launching a campaign in June to encourage cycling. The campaign also highlights the mental health benefits of cycling. You will see the campaign appear on the streets and online in all villages in the region.

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