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Six lift columns in De Kempen

Published on March 21, 2023

The time when hitchhiking was only something from the 90s is gone forever. The F'kes ride-along lift column from Brainport Bereikbaar makes the old-fashioned 'showing your thumbs up' more accessible to everyone. Six will be installed and tested in De Kempen this year.

The new lifts for residents of De Kempen

Towards a new, social and sustainable way of traveling through the Kempen. 'F'kes along' is a concept that will allow residents to hitchhike through the Kempen by mid-2023. The idea is simple: at a lift column you can indicate where you want to go and then wait on a bench until someone gives you a lift. Eline Swinkels, project leader F'kes ride along at Brainport Bereikbaar, expects that this concept has a lot of added value in rural areas where the public transport network is not well developed. “A village like Knegsel has about 1,300 inhabitants. We must not forget those people. The Kempen has a high 'us-knows-us' factor, a lift concept is appropriate in such a region, people want to help each other.” De Kempen is therefore at the forefront: the region commissioned to make and install 6 lift columns this year. Four more will be added in 2024. The company from Bergeijk also developed the prototype for the elevator column.
With the lift columns, De Kempen wants to reduce car use and improve the accessibility of villages in the context of sustainability. Brainport Bereikbaar helps to add this concept of hitchhiking and driving together as an additional part of the mobility system of car, bicycle and public transport.

Brainport Accessible

Brainport Bereikbaar facilitates and encourages mobility solutions that are better, faster, cleaner and healthier. Such as cycling or riding together. No promises for the future, but results on the street. We cannot do that alone. We involve travelers, employers, educational institutions and the logistics sector. We work together with 21 municipalities in Southeast Brabant and do this on behalf of SmartwayZ.NL and ZO Slim Bereikbaar.
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