Reserve an e-bike through your employer

Is your employer participating in the Brainport Bereikbaar e-bike trial campaign? Reserve your bike via the link with your employer and try an e-bike to work for free for a week. Various types of bicycles are available. Also consider a speed pedelec or e-cargo bike.

Information for the employer

As an employer, you can now request a free e-bike trial promotion and let your employees try it out for a week.

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Why this action?

The Brainport region is busy. Traffic is becoming increasingly congested and we must all work towards a solution to relieve the road network. Brainport Bereikbaar looks at various smart and sustainable travel solutions on behalf of and in collaboration with 21 municipalities. An example of this is going to work by bicycle. That is why there is now a free e-bike trial campaign for residents who live up to 15 to 20 kilometers from work. This promotion runs through the employer.

Thanks to Brainport Bereikbaar's e-bike trial campaign, you can see whether cycling to work is something for you. Experience how fun, healthy and sustainable smarter travel can be! So if your employer is participating, reserve your bike immediately!

Do you work in West Brabant, Northeast Brabant or Tilburg? Then take a look this website

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the promotion work?

  • Register via the reservation portal and fill in your details.
  • Choose a distribution location near you
  • Choose the electric bicycle that suits you best
  • Select the period in which you want to try the e-bike.
  • Then download the app so that you can unlock and lock your e-bike again via your phone. You can find the app via the confirmation email.
  • Collect the e-bike at the chosen delivery point on the agreed date.
  • Have fun cycling!

Can I participate for free?

  • Yes, the promotion is completely free.

Why are you doing this trial?

  • We all want to keep the Brainport region accessible. But then it also requires all of us to make a smart choice: the car must (occasionally) make way for the bicycle. In concrete terms, this means that you can try out an e-bike for a week to cycle to work. In addition to contributing to accessibility, it is of course also very healthy, good for the environment and you save on fuel costs.

What does this trial campaign entail?

  • Commuters who use the car as a means of transport for commuting every day can try an e-bike for a week. The e-bike is a good and realistic alternative if you live 15 to 20 kilometers from work.

How long does the promotion run?

  • The promotion is available from March 20, 2024 and runs until October 31, 2024.

Can I participate multiple times?

  • No, it is not possible to participate more than once. In this way we give as many residents as possible the opportunity to try an e-bike to work.

What should I do after booking?

  • After booking you will receive a confirmation. This states where and when you can pick up your e-bike. Then download the app with which you can unlock the bicycle.

Can I also cancel my reservation?

  • Yes that is possible. The confirmation contains a link to cancel your reservation.

Can I also pick up the bicycle on a different day than stated in the confirmation?

  • No, unfortunately that is not possible. We work with fixed return and issue days

I'm having bad luck on the road. What should I do?

  • Very annoying, but fortunately we have a breakdown service.

What if the e-bike breaks down, is stolen or if I have other problems with the e-bike?

  • Is there something wrong with the e-bike during the trial week? Then contact the support desk

What can I do as an employer to get my employees to cycle more?

  • Use the accompanying communication material to inform employees about the promotion and give them the opportunity to try an e-bike for one week. You can also make cycling more attractive with a leasing arrangement or special travel allowance for people who cycle. View the options for employers and inquire with a mobility broker about the possibilities.

What does Brainport Bereikbaar do?

  • We facilitate and encourage mobility solutions that are better, faster, cleaner and healthier. No promises for the future, but results on the street. We cannot do that alone. We involve travelers, employers, educational institutions and the logistics sector. We work together with and on behalf of the 21 municipalities in South-East Brabant and SmartwayZ.NL.

Can we also participate in other Brainport Bereikbaar actions?

  • The e-bike trial campaign is one of the first campaigns that we will roll out in the region in the coming period. There are certainly more promotions to come. You can go through Register for the monthly update or contact the mobility broker. This way you stay informed of the latest promotions

What about privacy?

  • In order to participate in the E-bike trial campaign, we collect personal data. They need this information to reserve an e-bike, good service and monitoring. Read the privacy statement here.

The e-bike trial campaign is an initiative of Brainport Bereikbaar in collaboration with Our Brabant Cycles.

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