Request a free e-bike trial for your employees!

Register now for Brainport Bereikbaar's e-bike trial campaign. With the e-bike trial campaign, Brainport Bereikbaar wants to entice commuters who live within 20 kilometers of work to take the bike to work. Due to the travel distances, the focus is on the e-bike. As an employer, you can now request a free e-bike trial promotion and let your employees try it out for a week. This way they immediately experience the benefits of cycling to work. Cycling to work may even become structural.

The e-bike is a good and realistic means of transport for people who live up to 15 to 20 kilometers from work. It is healthy, better for the environment and good for an accessible Brainport region. Do you want to travel smarter together?

Register now for Brainport Bereikbaar's free e-bike trial promotion. Especially for employers who want their employees to experience the benefits!

Province of North Brabant: “45% of our employees live within a radius of 15 kilometers from work”

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