Which bike suits you best?

The ideal electric bicycle is different for everyone. Because do you live in a busy city or in a quieter village? How far is the distance to your work? And do you want to take your children to childcare before cycling to work? View our offer below.


An electric bicycle is a bicycle with an electric motor that provides pedal assistance while cycling. This means that you still have to pedal, but a lot easier. You can also reach higher speeds with an e-bike with less effort than on a regular bicycle.

An e-bike supports up to about 25 km/h. The range of your e-bike depends on several factors, such as the size of the battery, the age of the battery, the pedal assistance and the weather. With a new electric bicycle you can easily cover at least about 60 kilometers.

Speed pedelec

A speed pedelec is also an electric bicycle, only one that offers pedal assistance up to 45 km/h, instead of 25 km/h with a normal e-bike. With a speed pedelec you also have to deal with a number of rules. For example, you must wear an approved speed pedelec helmet and have a driver's license. If you purchase a speed pedelec, you must also register the license plate and take out third party liability insurance.

Of course, the range of a speed pedelec also depends on several factors. At high speed, a speed pedelec also has a higher consumption. Basic versions of speed pedelecs often have a range of approximately 40 kilometers.

E-cargo bike

An e-cargo bike is popular among parents of young children. You go smoothly on your way to an errand, pedal effortlessly to childcare or to the sports clubs. Thanks to an electric cargo bike, a car is often no longer necessary. This bicycle also reaches a speed of 25 km/h.

With a cargo bike, the range is, in addition to the usual factors, also highly dependent on the total weight of the bicycle with a load. That is why it is very difficult to give a standard range. The range can therefore vary between 20 and 70 kilometers.

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