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Frank Lammers gives the starting signal for the Brainport Cycling Challenge: “Very early, but you have to be there!”

Published on May 11, 2023

The launch of the Brainport Cycling Challenge took place on Thursday morning, May 11, 2023. The challenge is part of the mobility campaign 'Give yourself more air, give the region more air' and aims to get residents in the Brainport region to cycle as much as possible for Longfonds for 50 days. Residents raise money for this charity thanks to their cycling kilometers and also give the region more air. The bicycle kilometers are automatically registered in the SJEES app, so residents only have to pedal. Brainport Bereikbaar then donates the amount that has been raised.

The cycling challenge was launched with a colorful bicycle caravan led by a real cycling DJ. After the starting signal, the bicycle caravan left for the High Tech Campus where they joined a mobility market. The caravan will cycle through the Brainport region as a promotional procession in the coming days. In the caravan, representatives from companies, municipalities and a promotional team cycle with large billboards behind their bicycles with the call to participate in the cycling challenge.

First donation

The Huis van Waalre was the setting where Frank Lammers kicked off in his own unique way. But not after he gave the floor to councilor of Waalre Peet van de Loo, Joost Beenker of Brainport Bereikbaar and Géraud Klaassen of Longfonds. The latter immediately received a €500 note from Lammers' pocket, meaning the first amount has already been received. “We of course hope for as much money as possible for Longfonds. Because that also means that many kilometers have been cycled in the 50 days," says Joost Beenker of Brainport Bereikbaar. “The Brainport Cycling Challenge is a great way to encourage residents of the region to cycle more.” On July 6, 2023, Brainport Bereikbaar and Longfonds will jointly announce the proceeds from the challenge.

Pulmonary fund

Longfonds was chosen as a charity for the challenge for a reason. Due to the crowds in the Brainport region, the region is figuratively getting less and less air and air quality is declining. A serious problem that requires action. “Clean air is vital for people with lung disease and to prevent people from developing lung disease. Longfonds is currently campaigning to prevent asthma in children. We are therefore very happy that Brainport Bereikbaar has chosen us as the charity for this campaign,” says Géraud Klaassen, Partnership manager of Longfonds.

Participation companies

Companies can also participate and encourage employees to cycle to work. The first companies have already been registered, such as Weber Beamix, Royal Haskoning and the GGD Brabant-Zuidoost. They have already had a promotional team on their doorstep to bring the SJEES app to the attention of their staff. Program manager Etiënne Lataster of Ons Brabant Fietst: “It is above all an opportunity for companies to participate in this accessible cycling challenge and thus contribute positively to a vital organization and clean region.”
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'Give yourself more air, give the region more air'

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