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Stönner-Meijwaard Bridge – Oirschot 

From Eindhoven you can easily cycle via the Green Corridor over the spectacular Stönner Meijwaard Bridge into the heart of Oirschot. The bridge over the Wilhelmina Canal near Oirschot is named after two brave men, Rinus Stönner and Willem Meijwaard. In May 1944, the two men fought with their comrades from the Princess Irene Brigade in Oirschot against the German troops. These battles ultimately meant their deaths. Would you like to know more about this special history? Then get off and listen to the story at the audio column of the Liberation Route Brabant.
This special bridge was designed by wUrck, a design agency for architecture, urban planning and landscape. The main span consists of wooden half-timbering, resting on two brick pillars on both banks of the Wilhelmina Canal. From the bridge you have a view of the St. Peter's Basilica in Oirschot. The rust-colored coated bridge railing is decisive, which is beautifully illuminated in the evening.

Bicycle bridge Tegenbosch – Eindhoven

For a long time, the A2/N2 formed a barrier to bicycle traffic between Eindhoven Airport and the northwest of Eindhoven. As a result, the flow for cyclists between the airport and a large part of the Brainport region was not optimal. With the construction of the Tegenbosch bicycle bridge in 2020, a new fixed connection was created over the A2/N2, just south of the Anthony Fokkerweg. The bicycle bridge is no less than 160 meters long and spans the entire A2/N2 with only a single arch that is 21 meters above the road surface!
You cycle 7 meters above the rushing traffic of the A2/N2. During the day the 160 meter long arch bridge is already impressive, but at night the bridge is even more spectacular thanks to the beautiful lighting that changes color seasonally. The faster you cycle, the brighter the light. An icon that should not be missing from this list. And the name? Tegenbosch descends from the former Hoeve Tegenbosch, which stood near the location where the bicycle bridge is now located. A nice reference to the past!

Spotters spot – Eindhoven 

Eindhoven Airport is a growing airport. The airport was founded in 1932 and was originally designed solely as a military airport. This changed in the 1980s, when the first passenger terminal was set up. Since 2000, the number of passengers at Eindhoven Airport has increased considerably. The airport is currently still in use for various military activities, but is mainly known as the second largest airport in the Netherlands.
At the Spottersspot on the Spottersweg you can enjoy a varied range of aircraft. For example, you can spot various flights from Ryanair, Transavia and Wizz Air, but you could also see different types of cargo planes passing by. And don't forget that you can also spot military aircraft, as there are still several military aircraft stationed at the base. So be sure to cycle towards the recently renovated Spotters Spot and enjoy our beautiful airport.

Van Gogh-Roosegaarde Cycle Path – Eindhoven/Nuenen 

There is a unique cycle path in Eindhoven, just outside Nuenen. At dusk, visitors will be surprised by a design of light and color, inspired by Vincent van Gogh's world-famous work The Starry Night. A magical experience. Heijmans developed an innovative technology especially for the cycle path with artist Daan Roosegaarde, in which the path is illuminated by thousands of sparkling stones. This creates a play of light and poetry.
The cycle path is part of the Van Gogh Cycle Routes that connect Vincent van Gogh's heritage locations in Brabant, Vincent's Homeland. Vincent painted his first masterpiece 'The Potato Eaters' in Nuenen and also captured the Opwetten Watermill and the Collse Watermill in his paintings. The unique cycle path lies between those two mills, bridging the gap between contemporary design, innovation, cultural heritage and tourism in Brabant.

Old Railway – Eindhoven-Waalre-Valkenswaard

In the past you could take the train from Eindhoven via Waalre to Valkenswaard and on to Belgium. That railway line has been gone for a long time (discontinued in 1959) and for a long time the old route was little more than a sand path with a section of cycle path. However, that has changed. The Old Railway has been transformed into a beautiful cycling route, as is the case with several old railway routes in the Netherlands. It has been possible to use this renovated cycle path since 2016. A few railway crosses remind passers-by of the cycle path's past.
The cycle path can be used for commuting because it forms a fast connection between Valkenswaard, Waalre and Eindhoven. The new, spacious cycle path runs straight through nature between Valkenswaard and the Randweg A2/N2. A wonderful way to discover nature in the region in an accessible way!

Bicycle bridge Locht – Veldhoven (A67) 

The Kempenbaan in Veldhoven runs from the A2 through the Run business park. Just before the road crosses the A67 in the southwest, the name changes to 'Locht'. With the widening of the entire Kempenbaan and also Locht, a problem arose at the viaduct over the A67. The bridge deck, which was previously shared by motorists and cyclists, was needed in its entirety after the widening to facilitate the new road. And so another solution came up for cyclists: the Locht bicycle bridge.
The steel bridge is almost 100 meters long and spans the entire A67. From the bridge, cyclists and pedestrians have a good view of the passing traffic. The bridge is also already included in the cycling junction network, between junctions 42 and 43.

F270 Helmond – Helmond 

The N270 motorway between Helmond and Eindhoven is a busy connection. However, the distance between the two cities is limited and with a fast cycle route, more residents of our region could choose to cycle. And so the idea for the F270 was born! Fast cycle route F270 follows the track between Eindhoven and Helmond through a green recreational area. The new cycle paths parallel to the railway will save you a lot of time. Thanks to the new bicycle bridge over the Zuid-Willemsvaart in Helmond, you can get to the station quickly and safely.
The fast cycle route is still under construction and the entire route between Helmond and Eindhoven will be opened in the foreseeable future. Nevertheless, it is already worthwhile to visit the already opened section in Helmond. You can now also enjoy the green environment that you cycle through in Helmond. And with Helmond Station as the start/or end point of the fast cycle route, Helmond Castle and the cozy city center are also close by. Plenty to do and see!

Dommeltunnel / Silly Walks Tunnel – Eindhoven 

With the Smilefactor project, the municipality of Eindhoven wants to make public space more fun and provides space for spontaneous initiatives. Perhaps the best-known expression of this project can be found in the Dommeltunneltje, right in the center of Eindhoven. The Dommel Tunnel is the place for a 'Silly Walk'. Every reason to get off your bike here. One wall of the tunnel is covered with graffiti and depicts the Silly Walks that we all know from Monty Python. The project dates back to 2016 and on April 25 of that year it was none other than the British actor and comedian John Cleese who personally opened the tunnel.
The Dommeltunnel is an important connection between the center of Eindhoven on the one hand and the University grounds on the other. Cyclists and pedestrians can use a tunnel that is approximately 125 meters long and passes directly next to the Dommel under the rail connections.

Hovenring – Eindhoven/Veldhoven

A real cycling icon! The Hovenring is a bicycle roundabout suspended by cables from a pylon above an intersection in one of the connecting roads between Eindhoven and Veldhoven. This special, exclusive bicycle roundabout allows cyclists and pedestrians to travel unhindered by car traffic from Eindhoven to Veldhoven or from Meerhoven to De Hurk or in any other direction.
The Hovenring is known at home and abroad for its spectacular design and dedication to cyclists. After the official opening in 2012, articles were written about the special bicycle roundabout in Germany, Italy and Brazil, among others. With a maximum height of no less than 70 meters, the Hovenring pylon has become a real landmark.

Strabrechtse Heide – Heeze-Leende 

We find some beautiful nature reserves in our region. Consider, for example, the Leenderbos, Kempenland-West and (part of) the Groote Peel. Between the municipalities of Heeze-Leende and Someren there is another Natura 2000 area, namely the Strabrechtse Heide. A beautiful landscape where heathland alternates with drifting sand and various fens. The area is no less than 1,800 hectares in size and has recovered beautifully after the 2010 wildfire. Moreover, the Beuven also has the largest fen in the country on the Strabrechtse Heide. Lots of good reasons to take a look!
The Strabrechtse Heide is crossed by various cycle paths. These cycle paths are freely accessible to cyclists and are part of the cycle junction network in the region. The cycle paths are paved with a gravel layer and form beautiful routes through nature. So don't be surprised if you spot some deer, encounter a shepherd with his flock or even see Scottish Highlanders grazing.

Cycling through the Strabrechtse Heide

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