3 challenges in the Sjees app.

Which one are you participating with?

1. Sweep & score

You don't have to do anything for this challenge. You score points per cycling kilometer. You can exchange these points for a ticket in our Sjees lottery. We raffle great prizes every quarter. Winners will be notified automatically.

And that's not all! Not only do you receive a point for every kilometer cycled, you also get closer to the ultimate goal: the Golden Sjees badge! You will receive this digital badge when you have cycled a total of 1,000 kilometers. An additional prize will be raffled among all participants who have reached 1,000 kilometers. In the meantime, there are also badges ready for you and you can score extra bonus points for the Sjees lottery when you reach a certain number of kilometers.

2. Bicycle icons

Would you like to enjoy the beautiful icons in our region outdoors? The Brainport region has many beautiful cycling routes and iconic places to discover by bike. If you didn't even know we had icons, then there is certainly a reason to participate.
To start with, we have 10 special bicycle icons ready for you and that number will increase over the course of the year. Curious? Click here! For every icon you cycle past, over or under, you will receive a Sjees badge. Extra fun: you score extra bonus points for the Sjees lottery per badge. Do you collect them all? In short, get on your bike, speed past the cycling icons of the Brainport region and score badges and bonus points.

3. For groups and companies

In addition to these individual challenges, we also have special challenges for employers and groups. This is tailor-made with objectives and rewards of your choice.

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